What does an Ontario real estate lawyer do that my real estate agent doesn’t?

Published On: February 13, 2023Categories: Real Estate

Real estate agents are helpful in providing guidance throughout the process of buying or selling a home; however a real estate lawyer in Ontario can provide a number of important services that your real estate agent may not be equipped to do. A real estate lawyer is trained in the legal aspects of buying and selling property, including title searches, conveyancing documents, closing statements, and other related paperwork. They also provide advice regarding applicable laws and regulations which could potentially affect your transaction; and they will help ensure that all legally required steps are taken to protect your interests. Furthermore, a real estate lawyer can review contracts  prior to signing to ensure accuracy and fairness so that you fully understand your rights and obligations under the agreement.  

A real estate lawyer will be there to protect your interests when buying or selling property 

Real estate transactions require a significant amount of paperwork, knowledge of applicable laws and regulations, and the ability to negotiate and resolve disputes. An Ontario real estate lawyer can provide all these services so that your purchase or sale goes smoothly. They can answer all the questions you have about real estate law and they will ensure that all steps in the process have been taken correctly for your protection. A real estate lawyer is an invaluable resource when it comes to buying or selling a home and is well worth engaging for their expertise in this area. Contact Simard & Associates to talk to one of our experienced real estate lawyers in Clarence-Rockland, serving the greater Ottawa area. 

What Should I Know About Real Estate Law in Ontario?What Should I Know About Real Estate Law in Ontario?
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