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Why You Need A Family Law Lawyer

Family law is a very complex area of practice, and unfortunately, most individuals do not understand how the various types of legislation may affect them. Before making any decisions, you should inform yourself of all your rights and obligations. If you’re in need of legal assistance the family law team at Simard & Associates can help you.

At Simard & Associates, our team of experienced family law lawyers informs every client of all available options and solutions. Whether you are taking preventive measures such as cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts or need advice regarding a separation or parenting issue, we are here to listen, answer your questions, offer advice and present you with your options.


Legal proceedings such as divorce and separation can take a toll on you and your family, but we can help alleviate the emotional stress and anxiety of these circumstances. It may be difficult for you and your spouse to come to an agreement about your home and family, but with our family lawyers, it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable struggle. Our team of family law lawyers in Clarence-Rockland also serves clients throughout the Ottawa Region.


Are you going through a separation but don’t want to handle it in court? We can help you resolve your separation or divorce through an out-of-court settlement. We offer a variety of family law services that are available to separating couples, which allow them to resolve their matters without having to go through the court system such as:

  • Family Law Mediation A trained mediator will work with you and your spouse in coming to an amicable resolution.

  • Collaborative Family Law — Separating couples, with the support of a professionally trained team, work together to negotiate a Separation Agreement and plan for their family’s future.
  • Negotiation of a Separation Agreement — Our family lawyers in Rockland will help you negotiate the terms of your separation agreement to settle your custody, property and support disputes in your separation.

If these options are not feasible for you, our client, our family law team is also well-versed in assisting clients as legal counsel in court proceedings in l’Orignal, Ottawa and surrounding jurisdictions.

Family Law Planning in Rockland and Ottawa

Family Law Services Offered


Separation and divorce


Property division


Decision Making (formally known as “custody”)


Parenting Time (formally known as “access”)


Child Support and Spousal Support


Actions on behalf of Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and other Family Members


Separation agreements


Cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts

We provide realistic legal information and/or legal advice and guide our clients in these often very difficult times.

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