Can I Change My Will in Ontario?

Published On: March 7, 2022Categories: Wills & Estates

A will is not designed to be a once-and-done document. That doesn’t mean you want to change it every six months, but it does mean you can work with your wills and estate lawyers in Prescott-Russell to keep your will updated as to your preferences and when your situation changes. Here’s what to know about changing your will.  

When Should I Change My Will?

You don’t need a reason to change your will, but it’s more common to make changes as you enter new stages of life. Many people change their will when they get married, divorced, or have children. As children age, you may want to change their designation in your will. You should change your will if your executor becomes incapable of acting as your agent. Sometimes, people want to add or remove beneficiaries. As part of your will and estate planning in Rockland, you should probably review your will every four to five years, even if you think there hasn’t been any change to your situation.  

Do I Need to Make a New Will Each Time?

Work with your Ottawa wills and estates lawyers to find the best way to change your will when you do need to update it. You may be able to add a codicil (a supplement that explains/modifies/revokes or part of your will) instead of writing an entirely new will, but it depends on what changes you want to make. The most important thing about making changes to your will is that you make sure your wishes are updated appropriately and that you are mentally competent when making changes. Our lawyers can help you keep your will updated and current to reflect your estate planning wishes.  

Find out more about what you should know about wills and powers of attorney from the experts at Simard & Associates. Contact us for help on writing or updating your will.

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